The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has donated over £40,000 in the last 2 years to the MS Trust, enough to send 2,000 information packs to people diagnosed with the disease. In 2011, the Masonic Samaritan Fund (MSF) granted Alzheimer’s Research UK £181,723, which was used to produce a blood test that can help to predict whether people will develop the disease.
In 2013, it was announced that MSF funding had helped to identify a key protein involved in the progression of prostate cancer. The Blond McIndoe Research Foundation has received £50,000 to research the development of stimuli responsive materials, which are able to heal burns and diabetic wounds. Cancer Research UK has received £100,000 to pancreatic cancer research at Barts Cancer Institute. The National Society for Epilepsy has received £50,000to fund research into the genetic causes of epilepsy through exome DNA sequencing techniques.

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