Vulcan Lodge visit Old St.Edwards Lodge 5162 in Oxfordshire

Picture of Bro Ben Prior with his Proud Uncle and Grandfather

with his Proud Uncle, and and Grandfather, Lodge Mentor WBro

, or that common spirit existing in the members of inspire enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honour of the lodge, and its Brothers.

Visiting reinforces those shared experiences that transcend the individual and his Lodge. Visiting helps serve as a guide, in our search for meaning and understanding within our Masonic journey. We are often led by a sense of aesthetics, to explore the linguistic and visual beauty of the ritual, as we seek out a different perspective to our own Lodge practices.

“When we learned Pythagoras’s theorem, we learned something about every right-angled triangle in the world, for all time. If we understand Newton’s laws, we have grasped something about every particle that has ever existed”, (“Time”, S. Baxter 1999).

In Freemasonry, if we understand the allegorical lessons of moral truth, we have grasped insights into every moral issue that ever existed and have become fuller, more complete citizens of the world. “Visiting” is therefore, a sense of expanding horizons and consciousness, of fellowship, of enjoyment and advancement.

This was highlighted when, travelled to Oxfordshire, to support our lodge mentor WBro Martyn Prior help initiate his grandson Ben Prior into Old St.Edwards Lodge 5162. The day was an example of a very fine initiation, with the Charge being delivered in fine style by WBro Martyn. WBro Kevin Prior being Bens uncle did a fantastic job for the initiation ceremony.

The festive board that followed was Fish & Chips followed by a cheese board. It was also noted that six Provinces where represented at the meeting, including Surrey, Cornwall, Durham, & Staffordshire.

A raffle and charity collection raised over £100.

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