1931 Freemasons Installation Menu Discovered in Charity Shop

The Lodge has kindly been emailed a wonderful piece of history, after a copy of the 1931 Installation menu of Bro A Naylor was sent to our Secretary, W .Bro John Gregory.

The menu it self gives a key insight into a night in time, which happens every year in each lodge. The 1931 menu is an exuberant example of the importance placed upon the occasion, highlighting what we would consider as a fine dining experience, reserved for Michelin starred Restaurants nowadays, with Oysters to start & Turbot with Lobster sauce as the fish course.

In line with any serious restaurant, each course also paired with a matched beverage, including haut sauterne barsac a sweet, white wine from the Sauternais region of the Graves section in Bordeaux, and Pommard from Côte de Beaune of Burgundy. Its colour is a deep, dark red with mauve highlights which caused Victor Hugo to speak of it as “night in combat with day”.

Musical accompaniment was provided by Welbeck Orpheus Quartet party, and the lodge organist of the time W.H. Tagg.

I’m sure it was a most excellent evening.

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