Taken From the Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald – Saturday 30 April 1932

Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald - Saturday 30 April 1932

Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald - Saturday 30 April 1932



The tenth anniversary of the Vulcan Lodge of Freemasons, Alfreton, was celebrated Friday, when over 100 members and visitors included two (Alderman William Mortimer Wilson and Lieut-Col. G. A. Lewis, G.M.G.) - with Grand Lodge (Eng.) honours and others with Provincial honours, including Capt. B A. Mallender (secretary to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire and Asst. Secretary to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire Commander Laurence E. Oliphant, R.N.)

The ceremony took place in the Masonic Hall, when Mr. John Southern, the manager of Wingfield Manor Colliery, was installed Worshipful Master for the ensuing year by the Installing Master (Mr A. Naylor. Shirebrook, the retiring W.M.)

Officers and brethren present included
Messrs. A. Naylor, W.M.,
F. Mason, I.P.M.,
J. Southern, S.W.,
W. Charlton, J.W.
G. A. B. Miller, Chaplain,
L'eut.Col. Lewis, C.M.G., Treasurer,
J. Strachan, Secretary,
A. H. Groom, Asst. Secretary,
I. Barker, D.C.,
F. C. Bishop. S.D.,
T. R. B. Shooter. J.D.,
G. R Silkstone, I.G.,
W. H. Tagg, Organist.

J. L. Merry, G. Underwood, H. J. Atkinson,

H Smith.


T. A. Lawson, P.M., A. Millhouse, P.M., H. J Mein P.M, B. Ely, P.M., Ross Baxter. W. Parkin, W H• Tagg, J. Lindsay Wood, J. W. Head, R.J. Ely, E. Millington. L. C. Clarke, L. Searson, N. J. Muschamp. R Wilson, O. Dinsdale, R. J. Bayliss, W Smithurst, R. B. Brace, P. Smith, C. D. Wilkinson, A. Taylor, A. E. Wilber, A H. Mitchell.

The visitors included

Alderman William Mortimer Wilson. Royal Alfred 1028; Capt. B. A. Mallender, P. Secretary; Commander Laurence E. Oliphant, R.N.. Asst. P. Secretary; Aid. Royal Alfred 1028 - R. Cleaver, Messrs. E. Townsend; P. Taylor, A. Burton, W. Taylor. T Parkin, S. Marriott,A. Taylor, F. L. Loveiock, H. E. Cunliffe. L. Watson, F. W. Taylor, T. Dennis, N. C. Erentnal!, D. C. Tavlor A. E. Straw, Graham Warner”, F. Gardner Broxtowe - C. J. Variance. C. F. Variance and A. C. Howard, Ashfield - E. Painter. Harrington: F. K. Annan-c. r.ranta; D. McLeam, V. B. Hall, O. A. Spencer F. .T. Grierson, G. L. Dalton, P. Cubit, E. R. Hibbert and ft . S. Cockerham. St Thomas - John Slater, James Slater. P. F. Day. Carnarvon - E. S. Fawcett and L. F. Beacroft, Grove; A. E. Bramley, Okeover N. Marshall, J. Hall; H. Gent; A. E. Wells, Arkwright;  H. W. Crapper, Beauchief Abbey; W. Hayes. HardwickTynan - E. G. Godie; R W Edwards; G. T. Lee, T. Wa’ton ; Hartington - G S Frith :.  Arboretum - E.H Tawn ; 1430, Notts., F. L. Walker.  Clifton - B Wright, : Rutland - E. R. Hudson,  W Platt, 5119; T. W Hubble. Forest.

Officers of Vulcan Lodge 1932-1933

The Worshipful Master (Mr.John. Southern) appointed his officers as follow's, —Messrs. A Naylor I.P.M; W. Charlton. S.W.; V. C. Bishop’, J.W.; G. A. B, Miller, P.M PPG Pers.. Chaplain; Lieut. Col. u. Lewis’ C.M.G., P.P.G .D. of C. ¦ and P.A.G'.S. of W. (Eng.), Treasurer; A H. Groom P.M., Secretary: T. Barker, P.M., P.P.S.G.D., D. of C.; T. R. B Shooter. S.D • G. R. Silkstone, J.D.; W. H. Tagg, Organist: J L. Merry. I.G.: G. H Underwood, W Parkin, J. W. Head and R.J. Elv Stewards; R. D. Robinson. P.M., PP.T G.D. (Staffs.), Charity Representative; H. Smith, Tyler.

The banquet followed the Assembly Rooms. A musical programme was given the Alfreton Lyric Quartette Party.

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